Robert S. Bianchi



Host & Co-Creator

With over 50 years as a museum curator and college professor across three continents, Dr. Bob Bianchi specializes in cultural connections between ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations. Dr. Bob has published more than 30 books and hundreds of articles. Widely traveled, with a command of eight languages, he is also an experienced field archaeologist with 15 excavation seasons under his belt. Dr. Bob is an internationally-recognized expert in the ancient world who uses his knowledge, experience, and infectious on-camera presence to captivate television audiences, and has appeared on more than 120 shows, on such networks as National Geographic, the History Channel, CBS, and ABC.


Dr. Bob Bianchi is the only scholar alive today whose lifetime of experience in television and scholarship uniquely qualifies him to take viewers on a six-episode journey back through time. Dr. Bob’s extended family once lived in Alexandria. Connecting with his roots, he began visiting and studying there in the early 1970s, concentrating on its ancient art and architecture, about which he has written extensively. His personal connection informs his passion for the cultural legacy of this city, which he enthusiastically imparts to captivated audiences.