Creator & Executive Producer

While living in Alexandria as a graduate student in the mid-1980’s, Scott spent two years researching the history of ancient Alexandria for a feature documentary film. He received script writing and development grants from several foundations and the Texas Committee for the National Endowment for the Humanities, and had famed author, Lawrence Durrell, set to narrate. The project went deep into development, receiving the support of major PBS affiliates like KCET Los Angeles and KUHT Houston. However, final production was not realized after making it to final round of competitive funding at the NEH in Washington, D.C.

Scott went on to work with Fox GroupAdvertising in Dallas, Texas, writing television commercials and Corporate ID’s for Frito-Lay before joining Blockbuster Video. He spent the next 25 years journeying through its rise and fall, working extensively with major studios, buying product and studying consumer market segments and trends. The experience gave him a wide-ranging knowledge of viewer tastes for storylines within specific genres, including documentaries.

Scott continued his career as an owner-operator for two major, national retail brands, before deciding to resume the development of the Alexandria project in 2020. The first step was to re-connect with renowned Egyptologist, Dr. Bob Bianchi, a consultant on the original project. Together, they co-created the current project, “Alexandria”.

Scott describes “Alexandria” as a “labor of love” to present the untold story of ancient Alexandria’s intellectual heritage to a world-wide television audience.