Shorouk El Attar is an Egyptian film producer and the founder of Yotta Productions, a Cairo-based film production service company. 

When Shorouk founded Yotta Productions in 2018, she was answering a call from an old love — filmmaking, which she had studied at the American University in Cairo. Those early days of writing ideas and creating short films with friends became the fertile ground for her career. She started her career working for the prominent international news agency, Video Cairo Sat, led by the renowned Egyptian producer, Mohamed Gohar, AKA “The Media Pharaoh”. She covered news and documentary stories from all over Egypt, which has enriched her storytelling passion. Few years later, she shifted to filmed entertainment as a freelance producer. For nearly a decade and a half, she chose projects that held new challenges and new lessons to learn, thus growing a body of experience and a portfolio of impressive work.

Known for her ability to deliver the highest of industry standards, Shorouk has been entrusted with some momentous local, regional, international, and collaborative projects of various genres, such as: the hit Egyptian TV talk show Sahibet Alsaada, the award-winning documentary Under the Skin, the international game show Ninja Warrior, the Cannes-nominated film Yomeddine, the hit Discovery series Expedition Unknown, and the Netflix documentary, Unknown: The Lost Pyramid, which was ranked as Netflix’s most watched show in the world on the week of its release.

Shorouk is surrounded by a great team of young, passionate professionals with years of experience in film production, and facilitating foreign productions in Egypt.